‘Hak Asasi’ Gengster – Bahagian 1

Triad Gang/Gangster and The Effect On Our Society


The Oxford English Dictionary:
“A member of a gang of violent criminals”

Police Context:
“A member of or an illegal group of criminals (not registered under section 6 of the Societies Act 1966) committing crime of violence”

Three Main Groups of Gangsters in Malaysia

1. Ang Bing Hoay (ABH)
2. Wah Kee (WK)
3. Thug Geng (TG)

General Activities

Armed robberies
Drug trafficking
Extortion/Collecting protection money
Recruiting new members
Criminal intimidation
Causing hurt and murder
Mischief to public properties
Loan shark (Ah Long)
Giving protection to illegal syndicates

Current Activity Trend

Cooperate for mutual benefits & monetary gains
Controlling car park facilities and entertainment outlets
Bad debt collectors
Peddling VCD/DVD
Providing security service to big shopping complexes
Providing security service to illegal syndicates
Loan shark (Ah Long)
Recruiting members through initiation ceremony
Chinese boss or Chinese gangs using Indian thugs
Front lines or “hit man”

Gangster Threats to Internal Security

1970: An ex-leader of 08 Gang from Bentong Pahang by the name of Ong Boon Liap merged 3 main splinter groups of ABH – 360, 08 & 21 in 3 states – Pahang, Negeri Sembilan and Selangor, thus established the “Ang Lian 3821” and made further inroad to Johore and Perak.

1974: Before it gone further to Penang, Police (SB) arrested Ong Boon Liap as he has been infiltrated by the communist.

1976: Ang Keng Leng @ Soon Kim formed the Sin Ang Bin (SAB) – New ABH base in Butterworth, Penang.

1977: SAB made inroad to Georgetown – base at Prangin Rd. Market & Weld Quay, Penang.
ABH splinters e.g. New Cell 20, Sio Sam Ong, 08, Jee Lam Cheh merged with SAB.
Police launched Ops Zero against SAB.
During the ops, the Police uncovered 5 stalwarts were sent to Betong, Thailand for training together with the communist.
SB was alerted and the follow-up action managed to curb the SAB activities.
Well-planed & organized murder e.g.: In the nineties, in Taman Bersatu, Sg. Petani, Kedah, 6 people were shot dead by members of Sio Sam Ong gang in a wedding ceremony. The leadership of Sio Sam Ong executed many of their gang members for suspecting them to have worked with or gave information to the Police and buried them at the Mount Erskine graveyard in Penang.

Emergence of Gang Recruiting Teenagers

Gang 24 started from its base in Sitiawan, Perak. From Sitiawan, Gang 24 spread its wings to the Klang Valley and Melaka by recruiting members through initiation ceremony. On 11th of March 2001, at Selandar, Jasin Melaka a total of 121 people were arrested for attending a triad initiation ceremony – 92 were charged and 29 restricted.

2001: Ops Sakai launched to curb Gang 24 activities in Sitiawan, Perak.

Gangsters have a strong influence on many illegal activities such as entertainment outlet, vice, gambling, loan shark and peddling VCD/DVD. Sometimes the bosses of such activities are themselves either leaders or members of gangster groups. In other cases, illegal activities are protected by gangster groups. These illegal activities, if not curbed, would definitely lead to social problems and also a threat to the country’s economy as it give a negative image to foreign investors.


Judiciary Laws
Penal Code & others relevant laws
Societies Act 1966 (Act 335)

Preventive Laws

Restricted Residence Act 1933 (RR)
Prevention of Crime Act 1959 (PCA)
Emergency Ordinance
(Public Order and Prevention Of Crime) No. 5/69 (EO)

Preventive Measure

As a preventive measure to curb violent crimes, especially gangsterism activities, the Emergency Ordinance 1969 (EO) is proven to be the most effective.


Gangsterism activities in Malaysia can be brought under control if the following measures are enhanced:

Proper set up of anti-gangster/gaming/vice branches in all states
Constant harassment
Effective preventive measures

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