The Guardians of the Motherland

Delivered Lina Joy judgment May 2007. Targeted by an Opposition campaign September 2007?

Centuries of life under the rule of foreigners had taught the Malays survivability. Malays become more accomodating and tolerant towards foreigners and immigrants. One will be hard-pressed to find any other Muslim-majority community which practices a similar level of tolerance towards foreigners. A recent survey conducted by HSBC ranked Malaysia as 9th in a list of friendliest countries, the highest-ranked of any Asian nation. Besides the friendliness of the local people, another criterion for judging a country’s friendliness is how simple it is for foreigners to live and integrate themselves in the local environment. This British recipe of a Muslim-majority, multi-racial nation would not have worked without the Malays. It didn’t work in Arab-Muslim Palestine. [Lagi]

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